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EURO Thread Lift – Brows, Neck, Face, Jowls, Chin

Appearance of various facial areas can be improved safely with minimum complications and maximum patient satisfaction.
Solely stretching the skin is an obsolete concept.
Excision facelift and deep plane facelifts are associated with a number of complications, as haematoma, pixie ears, nerve injury etc.

We use absorbable semi-elastic sutures with a long delayed absorption durability and specially designed needles to lift sagging skin and attaching it onto stable anchor points.


1.The first method is a closed approach method of lower face and neck lift.
We place the threads underneath the loose SMAS, Platysma and skin only via minimal skin punctures behind the ear.
The loose tissues are then attached to stable structures, as mastoid periosteum behind the ear.

2.The second method utilises limited undermining of the skin in front of the ear. We performed small incision hidden behind the ear.
This method is more optimal for moderately sagging lower face and neck.


It is a perfect solution to lift brows by sutures in case of ptosis, asymmetry and it is suitable for patients who desire scarless and non-invasive procedure..
The brow lift is done by needle punctures only between eyebrow hair. A suture loop is inserted underneath the brow and attached to the orbital periosteum.

The threads absorb in 2 years and this extended period of resorption allows time for a stable fibrosis of brow tissue in the new elevated position.


This lift elevates brows and midface.
Four skin puncture are utilised just behind the hair line.
The suture loops are passed underneath the skin elevating skin and mobile deeper tissues and are attached to deep temporal fascia.The sutures are gently lifted and tied.


Sutures are passed via few punctures above and in front of the ear. In this procedure the mid face and nasolabial lines are elevated.


Suturing and suspending the loose chin soft tissue in front of immobile chin bone enables repositioning of the chin forward, up or down, left or right, thus obtaining proper aesthetic proportions and facial symmetry.

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