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Laser – Breast Reduction

Breast reductions can help women reduce over-sized breasts which may be creating discomfort or are unsightly. For men, this can help correct “man boobs”.

Reducing your breasts can bring health benefits.Heavy sagging breasts can be a source of both physical pain and mental anguish. Neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as recurrent rashes underneath the breasts, can interfere with normal function and physical activity. Very large breasts can also result in severe disproportion in a woman’s body. Breast Reduction is considered a reconstructive operation and can usually be covered by medical insurance.

Breast reduction using surgical excision resolves most of the problems, but potential complications are not uncommon, including excessive scarring, morbidity from general anaesthesia and prolonged recovery. There is a trend towards patients preferring minimally invasive surgery, and laser liposuction with local tumescent anaesthesia conforms to this trend.

Operative Technique

Antibiotics are given for 1 week, starting on the evening before the procedure. The breasts are infiltrated with tumescent solution. Tiny incisions for cannula are made in crease under breasts. The laser fibre is introduced into the breasts and melts the excess of fat. Then the suction is performed.

The breasts are dressed in an absorbent dressing and compressive garment. After the operation a supportive garment is applied for a period of 48 hours and the patients are instructed to wear compression garment continuously apart from showering for 2 weeks. Patients who perform heavy physical work should refrain from doing so for 1 week.

Here is a video by Discovery’s Health channel that describes the process for liposuction breast reduction:

Male Breast Reduction

Men can remove "man boobs" with a breast reduction.Gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) is the development of tissue on men. It may be on one side, although normally it is on both. One out of three Australian adults suffers from some degree of enlarged male breast.

Rarely talked about, this can be an embarrassing condition for many men and can create social trauma, causing those with the condition to withdraw, avoid activities which are bare chested and often they will wear heavy clothing to hide their condition.

For men who are uncomfortable with their condition, laser surgery can help by reducing the size of the breast through the removal of fat or glandular tissues and in extreme cases, excess skin.

The results can be dramatic, resulting in a chest that is firmer, flatter and better contoured.


Lipomatic procedure.At Laurea, we use the Lipomatic procedure. This allows for the operation to be carried out without forcing and makes less physical effort than in the case of traditional liposuction.

The principle emulsion allows the removal of the adipose tissue while respecting the other tissues, which means a shorter postoperative.

This allows for:

  • Less bruising
  • Less œdemas
  • Better recovery
  • Better aspect of the skin

The frequency of vibration used is the same as the frequency used in the anti-pain TENS devices, which increase the comfort in local anaesthesia.

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