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Fractional CO2 vaginal laser treats vaginal health related conditions caused by childbirth and changes of hormonal levels during woman’s life.
Its main action is on vaginal lining. The laser treatment promotes the remodelling of vaginal mucosal epithelium.

Fractional laser beam heats and evaporates fraction of skin and deeper tissue.
The heating zones of evaporated tissue are surrounded by intact tissue enabling a quick healing and remodelling.

Main indications:
* Urinary stress incontinence
* Vaginal atrophy as in menopause
* Vaginal dryness during breastfeeding and menopause
* Poor vaginal tone, discomfort due to vaginal laxity
* Poor vaginal tone causing lack of sexual satisfaction
* Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)
* Post hysterectomy
* Anti-oestrogen medication as in treatment of breast cancer
* Cosmetic improvement of appearance of labia minora and majora in terms of skin tone and

The procedure:
The first step is a thorough pelvic examination and exclusion of any concerning pathological issues.
Patients must be in the middle of their menstrual cycle in case of pre-menopausal women. They must take prophylactic Valtrex .
The treatment is performed with the patient lying supine. The doctor inserts a sterilised probe connected with the laser machine and delivers laser beam along the vaginal wall rotating the probe in a 360 degree pattern covering entire vaginal surface in outward fashion..
The procedure takes a few minutes and requires neither anaesthesia nor sedation.
After treatment:
The patient may have minor burning sensation in vagina lasting only few hours.
Heat exposure ( as hot shower, sauna) and sexual activity should be avoided for 3 days. Vaginal lubrication can be used to relief vaginal discomfort if any.
How often:
Two to three treatments are recommended at four to six week intervals.

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