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Wire Scalpel

The wire scalpel, as developed by Dr.Sulamanidze, is minimally invasive device that can be used to undermine the deeper tissues that influence the visible naso-labial and frown lines.

Volume augmentation can be used to prevent the formation of connective tissue re-attachments. Autologous fat is readily harvested and has been successfully used as a facial re-contouring agent.

The entire face and the area of fat harvesting is prepared and draped in the usual sterile manner. A sterile marking pen is used to mark the lines to be treated. These planned areas are infiltrated with the local anaesthetic.

The wire scalpel is fed through the subcutaneous tissue around the line. Then the outlined area is undermined with a “back and forth” motion as the metal wire is pulled and finally removed.

Lipo-injection is performed with a blunt cannula into the pocket under the undermined lines.
Bruising or swelling can be present for 5 to 7 days.

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