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ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA- Hair loss in men and women

Androgenetic alopecia is a common condition that leads to psychosocial issues.

Many males and females suffering from hair loss feel uncomfortable with their appearance and affected individuals feel that is has major implication in their daily life.

Current available non-surgical treatment consists of topical Minoxidil, oral Minoxidil, Finasteride, Spironolactone and hormonal treatment.

Some cause decrease in sexual ability, scalp itching, scaling and irritation.

Science and research pointed out the role of platelet-derived growth factors to be biologically active in many key regenerative steps, such a development of angiogenesis, the formation of the protein matrix and the enhancement of cell proliferation.


Most recently, intradermal injections of Platelet Rich Plasma have shown to markedly increase hair diameter with thickened epithelium, proliferation of collagen, fibroblasts and increased vessels around follicles.

We use advanced preparation of Plasma- Injectable Platelets/Fibrin Rich Plasma for injecting after preparation of scalp with micro-needling method with DermaPen. Cells are in no way activated or manipulated.

Two treatments are performed with a 3-month interval.

After a local anaesthetic into scalp the solution is injected through a thin needle into the superficial scalp layers 1 cm apart.

Downtime- none

Immediate side effects– none

Visible improvement in 6 month  mainly due to increased thickness and higher number of hairs