RIGENERA ACTIVA AMT for Sport Rehabilitation, Traumatology

AMT-Rigenera Activa is a unique protocol developed on research how to promote natural healing process of the body via injection of micro-graft solution rich in cartilage cell, skin cells and tissue-specific extracellular matrix.

This technique is used to treat joint osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, shoulder tendon injuries and many more.

The protocol involves harvesting an ear cartilage and perichondrium specimen ( size 2mm ) via punch biopsy technique from behind the ear. There is a histological similarity between ear and joint cartilage.

The specimen is then disaggregated in a device into a solution. The solution is injected into a joint affected by osteoarthritis. It accelerates the healing process and regeneration of the cartilage damage.

This technique provides lasting pain relief for symptomatic cartilage damage or wear and tear. It improves the stiffness and the motion of treated joint.

The technique is minimally invasive and takes 30minutes. There is a minimal downtime. Patient can return to their sporting activities in three weeks.

The positive clinical outcome has been evaluated to be to be able to achieve a long-term effect, up to 3 years.