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Plasma arch is created in the spatial gap between the proximal tip of the Plasma Pen and the tissue being treated.

Plasma is generated through the tip of the device in the form of ultra-gas like state of matter, and the energy created is transferred only onto the superficial skin layer.

Direct contact with the skin is avoided.

The heat is absorbed by the tissue being treated and is not transferred to the surrounding tissue or the subcutis.

A direct transfer of the tissue from the solid form to a gaseous state is created.

The tissue is then ablated.

As a consequence, the regeneration process is triggered in form of neocollagenesis. The tissue becomes tighter and firmer within couple of months.


Plasma Pen is a cordless microsurgical device that transfers energy to the fluid in superficial skin layer of the upper or lower eyelids in form of densely spaces spots.

Liquid foundation (Lycogel) is then applied to protect the area and cover small post-treatment scabs.

Scabs spontaneously fall off within a week.


  • Short-lasting, moderate oedema
  • Scab healing is achieved within 3-7 days
  • Erythema (redness) may last 25- 40 days


  • Non-Invasive, fast, safe procedure
  • No electric current is passed through the body, enabling the inclusion of patients  with pacemaker and cardiac stimulator
  • Only local anaesthetic is used
  • Can be performed in any skin type