ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA is the most common type of baldness in our society. It affects both men and women.

We offer the best quality, personalised and safe treatments with cutting-edge technology.

RIGENERA ACTIVA AMT is a novel approach to combat hair loss, using hair follicle regenerative cell therapy. It is highly effective for addressing hair loss and thinning hair especially caused by Androgenetic Alopecia.

The technology uses injectable autologous hair micro grafts to slow down the hair loss and to promote hair growth.

The procedure consists of three phases:
– harvesting tissue from the patient’s scalp via 2mm punch biopsy technique
– disaggregation of the tissue and filtration of micro graft solution
– Injecting micro graft solution into scalp affected by hair loss

The procedure is quick (approximately 30 minutes), painless and effective.

First results are already seen 30-90 days after the procedure.
The procedure is usually done once only and can be repeated yearly.