A Makeover Can Give Amazing Results

Laurea – makeover yourself to a new you.One of our clients, Kay, is a single mum who’s life had been all about her children, as all you mums know well: sport, sports, homework, washing and cleaning. One morning she took a look at herself in the mirror and asked: who is that person looking back? As she described it, she “had age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, no eyebrows from plucking and thin lips. How unhappy I felt with my appearance!”

After a long hard cry, she got onto the Internet and found Laurea.

After a lengthy consultation, the professional staff at Laurea worked out with Kay what procedures would suit her needs and the costs involved.

Starting with affordable anti-ageing products, which according to Kay made her “regime so simple”, she had 3 full face photo-rejuvination treatments to remove pigment, capillaries and tighten her skin. She also had her hands and chest treated to remove, in her words, “ugly pigmented spots.”

Next was a course of peels to reduce pore size and refine her skin even more. According to Kay, “I then saw Dr Tatossian and had filler, anti-wrinkle injections and skin removed from my upper eyelids, hardly any downtime. I could see the difference immediately.

Following the Doctor, Kay was in the hands of our cosmetic tattooist. As she pointed out, “finally I got my eyebrows back, how natural they look, also I had colour put into my slightly fuller lips.

“The team at Laurea are amazing, how genuine, caring and always the follow-up phone calls, just to make you feel comfortable. I cannot thank them enough. I’m overwhelmed by the remarks of my friends saying ‘how fresher and younger I look’. I have a new lease on life and would highly recommend anyone who has concerns with their appearance to make an appointment now!”

If you would like to see how the professional staff at Laurea can help you with your circumstance, please call us on (02) 9580 5320, or complete the booking form to the right.

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