Reducing Fat to a Better You

Laurea can help you reduce unwanted fat.As a registered nurse, Rita has seen a lot of fat being sucked out of the fatty bits of bodies. Rather than being put off by the procedure, Rita was impressed enough by the results to get liposuction done herself.

The first time was more than 10 years ago when she had the “saddle bag” part of her upper legs drained of fat.

Later, Rita was one of the first to use the Laser/Vibro machine of Dr Vera Tatossian, of the Laurea Cosmetic Centre at Penshurst Medical Clinic.

She was most impressed and couldn’t be happier with the results.

The post-baby fat on her abdomen and the “love handles” at the top of her waist have gone. What’s more, she reckons the new technique of the Laser/Vibro is much more efficient with less downtime and greater skin tightening.

Dr Tatossian is proud to announce that the clinic has completed more than 600 successful cases of Laser/Vibro liposcultpture.

“Despite earlier controversy regarding the safety of liposuction, today liposuction is the most commonly performed and the safest cosmetic procedure,” Dr Tatossian said. “Laser liposculpture is the least invasive method of liposuction in cosmetic surgery today. We maximise the safety of this procedure by using a combination of laser and infrasonic-vibro liposculpture.”

Dr Tatossian said the most commonly treated areas  were the lower back, inner and outer thighs, waist, stomach, male breasts, jawline, jowls and upper arms.

“Over the course of six weeks following the procedure, you will be able to see dramatic improvements as any swelling wears off,” she said. “The results are permanent.”

This article first appeared in The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader.

You can find more information on Liposuction here.

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